Getting it done

Last few weeks have been pretty tough for me, I have been dealing with illness in the family which has put my fitness lifestyle on hold. I have been brainstorming different ways to do some simple exercises while on the road and traveling. Some of those exercises are as follows. Body Weight Squats, push ups, jumping jacks, hand stand press, pull ups and running.

Also over these last few weeks my diet has been junk so I have been using some sport supplements to help keep my muscle. I don’t take these all of the time as they are a little harsh on the body, but I found they work could to hold muscle.

I’m still keeping my diet high in protein right around 100 grams a day but its not coming from the normal clean food I generally eat. Its really hard to eat healthy when traveling unless you have an unlimited budget. So if you are traveling at least try to hit your protein numbers.

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