Protein for healthy hair

Getting the right amount of protein daily can help your hair look healthier and shine like never before. So how do you increase your protein intake? Simple diet and eating the proper foods. Start eating a lot of protein enriched foods, such as fish, chicken, eggs and beans. Fish is one of the best source as its high in omega vitamins which can also help with healthy looking hair. Eggs are a great source of protein and don’t be afraid to eat the yoke, tons of vitamins are in the yoke.

Nuts can also be a good source of protein and also will help us by getting the proper amounts of fat in our diets. Some nuts such as walnuts are loaded with omega vitamins which is a healthy fat that can increase hair growth and help you lose weight.

There are also shampoos out there that are rich in protein that can help you have healthy looking hair.

You may want to look at taking a protein supplement if you are struggling getting in the proper amount of protein per day. The only thing you want to watch for is proteins that are full of fillers. Some companies add a bunch of stuff to their proteins in order to cut cost. Its much cheaper to fill a bag of protein with amino acids than actual whey protein powder. Here is a company I have used in the past to get my protein powder, there are a ton of companies out there so use whichever you feel works best for you Muscle Freaks Nutrition.

Hair Loss Prevention

Many men experience hair loss as they become middle age which is normally caused by DHT. There are a lot of DHT blocker shampoos on the market that can help prevent that. Check out some of those products here. Its best to use these types of products two to 3 times a week with normal showers.

Results can normally take 2 to 3 weeks to notice or longer depending on the person or how bad they are thinning. Some people may already have to much thinning to use this type of product. If you are already balding you would want to try a replacement hair type of shampoo not a DHT blocking product.